Can spending cash save you money?

This article talks about that you should use cash instead of your debit card. When we use our debit card we don’t always be careful on what we spend. We just think that the money is in the account and i can spend what I want with it. If we have money in our wallet we know that we can buy what ever we want on it but we are more “attached” to it. When we carry money to the store we make more conscious decisions on what we buy because we don’t want to go over that limit. Have you ever had a $100 dollar bill in your wallet and had it in there for weeks because you didn’t want to break it? Well if so you were actually saving it. When I got my debit card I was using it all the time on everything and at the end of the month I looked at my bank statement and I saw how much money I wasted and I had a fee because of using the debit machine to much. So ever since then I have been taking money out and I would only take out so much and I saved money by not spending it on the fee and all the little stuff and I was able to keep track of my money better.


The article I am reading is talking about how real families were able to get set on the right course to save money for there retirement. It does not matter if you are in dept or if you already have started saving. It does not matter how young or how old you are you still have time to start saving up for your retirement. I think its interesting because it does not matter where you are financially you can still get prepared for your retirement. I think this is very important because everybody needs to save up for retirement. I learned that i should start planning ways to start saving for my future and to be cautious on what i buy.  This will probably change my behaviour because I do not want to be in the situation where i have no money and hardly any saved up for retirement. I think it is very important for people to make wise decisions when making purchases and to make wise decisions on making a life style.