Monthly Budget for October

For the month of October I had a surplus of 241.62. I saved the most money on the entertainment part. I took precaution when buying stuff for the entertainment this month because next month I am going to spend a lot on entertainment. I have spent the most money on restaurants. I was surprised in the car maintenance section because i didn’t know how much an oil change would be so I was a little surprised when I got one. My focus for next month would be to pack a lunch for work so that I don’t have to go out for lunch on the weekends. If I do that then hopefully It will be less. Also for car maintenance was high last month so hopefully the car doesn’t break down then ill be fine. I don’t really have a goal but I wanted to get a ps4 and a couple games next month so I was going to save $700 and I have over that amount saved up but now I wanted to have at least $2000 saved in my account. After I spend $700 on that stuff I wanted to buy,  my overall amount will be under $2000. I’m probably going to buy that stuff then really strict myself after words until I hit $2000 again. I calculated it out and if I spend $700 next month and if I get the same income for the month at $650 then my first pay check in December I will be over $2000. Then my second pay check of December will cover Christmas and slowly I will set it t $2200 then keep going up from that. 


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