5 Investing tips for Students

Start Young

Time is money when your young is the best time to start investing. Compounding interest is one of the best examples why starting young is so valuable.

Invest in yourself

Get good education so you can get a decent job. Also invest time in expanding in your knowledge about stocks and different ways to invest.


Watch whats “hot on the market” and the stability in different companies. If theres an item that apearrs that “I need that” and your friends buy it or if its trending then you should probably go for it.


Take account what assets, Liabilities, Expenses and Revenue are. Start keeping track when your young so you  know what kind of life style you have. What gets measured gets managed. Set your self a goal or a budget and strive to meet that goal. Do not waste your money on cars and all the fun stuff that is unnecessary.

Learn Self Dicipline

Live with in your means. Do not over spend on your assets that have hardly a return. When your habits are set high you struggle to meet them. If something  was to happen to you financially your would have a really hard time keeping you out of debt because you would have those bad habits.





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