Budget Blog

For the month of November I was in the surplus. Some changes were my entertainment and the restaurants. The entertainment in October was low but in November it was really really outrageous. But I new I was going to spend roughly that amount because I new I was going to get the PS4. The restaurants in October were a bit out of hand and since I new I was going to get the PS4 in November I thought that this would be an easy fix. Instead of eating out at work I packed a lunch on most days as a result I spent $5 dollars on snacks and restaurants where as in October I spent $32. I was surprised in how much money I made in November vs October. I practically doubled my cash flow. What I also was surprised in was the car maintenance in October I got a oil change and it was the first one I ever did and ya it was unexpected. For December I am just focusing on saving. My mom pretty much bought all of the gifts for I am hoping to spend less then $100 and have a surplus of around $300-$400. All depends on what my schedule is for the month. My financial goal is to get a car in the spring. I am hoping to have $5,000 in the spring. I already saved $2,000 so I need to save $3,000. My time frame is six months so if I save $500 a month. If I start in December then ya I just got paid around $240 and my expenses so far are around $20. I don’t have money working for me but I was going to go to the bank with my dad but he had to go to work. So I’m planning on going next weekend.  


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